Made a quick trip to skate the Culpeper park today and filmed a few clips, enjoy!

Put together a few clips from an hour of skating at the McIntire Skatepark in Charlottesville, VA on a hot summer’s day.

This summer, several friends and I took a road trip down through Virginia into Tennessee hitting skateparks and street spots on the way. Here is a short montage from that trip. Enjoy!

Wanted to skate campus before it gets crowded with students again. Filmed these tricks over a week of skating after work. Enjoy!

Aerial skateboard montage filmed in Greeneville, Tennessee.

A perfect sunny day at the park with Liam, Will, Chris, and Jesse.

The last remnants of snow are finally melting, so here is a quick spring skateboarding montage featuring Charlottesville’s finest.

Doug Rosinski - FS Blunt

Doug Rosinski - FS Blunt

Pete slashin’ away in Bedford, VA.

Pete slashin’ away in Bedford, VA.

Skateboarding in central Virginia featuring (in order of appearance) Doug, Justin, Bruce, Hunter, Chris, and Shiruna.

A day in the life skateboarding around Charlottesville, VA filmed on a GoPro camera. Enjoy!